Amnesty International's Big Piñata With a Big Message

When we heard about Amnesty International's big idea we were more than delighted to make them a BIG piñata to match. We based it on a traditional Mexican star shape design. It measured 165cm across the body and a further 150cm across its frill-fringed points. It was made out of papier-mâché and heavy-duty card and its frills were decorated with multi-coloured tissue paper in the traditional Mexican style. This piñata was made with a trap door style opening under its lowest spike specifically so that it could burst open on queue and so that it could be used multiple times! 



Have a look at their Press Release here:


The (Friendly) Dragon


Our aim was to make the best dragon piñata that we could on a modest budget. We sketched out some ideas. By the end we decided upon a mixing of several ideas (and dinosaurs!). We took inspiration from Rex from Toy Story, Spiro and even Yoshi from Super Mario Bros. 


It was really hard to see him go, even though we knew he was off to make one kid's birthday party unforgettable! But alas, this is the curse of the piñata maker. A week to make, fifteen minutes to break.

A little over a month ago we were approached with the job of creating a giant 5ft dragon piñata for a children's party. 


To make him we used three different inflatables, and a combination of different sculpting techniques and materials. We put all this to good use, we even gave him the power to spit sweets from his mouth!


Sharky & George and their giant shark piñata.

For those of you who don't know, Sharky & George's parties are extremely good - after all, they make it their business! So when they approached us early this summer and asked if we'd make them a piñata fit for their 10th anniversary bash, we knew that we would have to create something equally legendary. 


Plans were set in motion for a giant shark piñata to be made. We would have to go back to the drawing board on this project. We crafted a totally original papier maché mould and had to figure out the logistics involved in suspending such a gargantuan monster whose belly would eventually be brimming with kilos worth of goodies for hundreds of ravenous children! We tinkered away in our studio for hours and after reinventing our hanging techniques and filling our beast with rainbow-coloured paper entrails he was finally ready to be decorated. 


We had created a papier maché monster! A one of a kind centrepiece fit for Sharky & Georges party in the sun.

— George