The Origin Story.


Piñatas London was founded in 2009, when art students Phillip Mursell and Iona Ascherson met at a student house party in Leeds. Phillip had long been involved in his family business called Mexicolore, an award winning education resource dedicated to bringing Aztec culture and history to life in schools in the UK. Both harbour a passion for Central American culture and a unique creative flair which combine to make their creations one of a kind products and in some cases serious works of art.

Four years on the company now stands on its own two feet, as Piñatas London. Nobody expected the level of popularity and imagination the piñatas have inspired, and it has been this force that has allowed Phill and Iona to develop their skills and take on ever more challenging requests. 

Not only adept at making traditional piñatas, Piñatas London now offer classroom workshops and children's party craft activities. In principle we'll make any shaped piñata that you can think of - within reason! This ethic has led us to create a constantly expanding portfolio of piñatas - from carrots to hyenas, and from Boris Johnson to Darth Vader.